Wyndmere Naturals

For years, Laura and I have used Wyndmere Naturals essential oils both in massage treatments as well as in our own homes.  Admittedly, Laura was the first to discover them and, when we both had private practices in the same office, I would ‘borrow’ a drop or two of her oils to use in my treatments….I just loved the way they smelled and the way they made me feel!

We both share a ‘most favorite’ blend – Joyful Spirit – and when we created Well Within we both agreed that we would always diffuse this blend in our waiting area.  With bright notes of citrus and a whisper of floral ylang-ylang, Joyful Spirit delivers on its name…it just makes you happy!  Clients ALWAYS comment on how good Well Within smells and how calm and soothed they feel in our space.  We know that these oils play a part in this feeling.

There are many essential oil brands out there but we stick with Wyndmere Naturals because of the purity of their oils and their unending commitment to quality.

From Wyndmere Naturals: “Essential oil quality begins with the plant itself.  Plants that are thriving in their native habitat, harvested under the proper conditions and extracted by talented and capable distillers will produce the highest quality essential oil.  Wyndmere purchases essential oils extracted from plants that are indigenous and grown organically, ethically wildcrafted or pesticide free.  The oils are purchased frequently to ensure freshness and bottled in small batches so they don’t sit on the shelf for long periods of time before being sold to you.  Wyndmere does not test any of its products on animals, nor do the products contain any animal ingredients.”