Hi everyone!
I recently got back from a fantastic family vacation in the UK. We stayed in a spectacular area of England with incredible, inspiring views. This is a shot from just of one of our unbelievable hikes. 🙂

I wanted to share a quick story about a conversation I had about acupuncture with someone I met in England last week. I was telling a young woman about how much I loved acupuncture, and she said hadn’t tried it yet – she was intimidated by the needles (that’s super common – read about why that shouldn’t stop you here). I just wanted to share what I told her with all of you too!

I told her that of all the wellness services I’ve tried over the 16 years of being immersed both professionally and personally in natural wellness, acupuncture is my favorite treatment to receive. It never ceases to amaze me how my body responds in such noticeable ways after just a few treatments. What happened most recently just added to my personal list of awesome acupuncture stories… About a month ago my hair started falling out. Yep – handfuls every morning. My vanity was in a state of panic! I CANNOT pull off the bald look. There was no gradual increase – it was quite sudden. All I could think was, “My hair is falling out and I don’t know why”. I was also experiencing my usual imbalances that show up for me – digestion difficulty, anxiety, and sporatic insomnia. The hair loss was most alarming to me however, and my instincts led me straight to acupuncture. As I was telling this story to my new friend, I explained that in a nut-shell, acupuncture is about encouraging the body to come back to balance – no matter what the symptoms or what the cause. The symptoms will dictate the placement of the needles, but the goal is to support the energy flow in throughout the body so it can heal as its designed to do. I knew something was out of balance – could be hormones, could be stress, but either way I needed to come back to balance, and so, I booked an acupuncture appointment. Well wouldn’t you know, the hair loss stopped 2 days after my first treatment. Stopped. I don’t even know why I’m surprised because I’ve experienced this type of result over and over the past 2 decades. I received weekly treatments for 3 or 4 weeks and noticed an improvement of other symptoms as well.

So… pay attention to what your body is telling you, and if you feel out of balance (i.e. are having bothersome symptoms somewhere in your body) start with acupuncture. Book a session here!!

Take care of yourself. Find balance. Feel amazing!

Laura Viale