I just had a client come in who is getting over a cold (well, more accurately, many of my clients are coming in with remnants of colds) and he commented that many of his friends were giving him all their recommendations on how to beat that cold into submission. It made me think it would be really fun to hear what all your home cold remedies are! When I get a cold, I have a routine that seems to work for me, so I thought I’d share mine and I’d love to hear your best fool-proof remedies for beating a cold in the comments below.

This is what works for me, when I get a cold:

My cold remedy routine is based on the assumption that given the proper conditions, our immune system can powerfully beat a common cold virus. (I believe it can hammer even a nasty flu virus if it is strong enough). Sooo how do we prime our immune system to fight with grit? My logic goes that we feed our immune system what we know strengthens it, and deprive our immune system of what we know weakens it. Simply said, here are the steps I follow as soon as I get symptoms of a cold:

  1. Eat only fresh, cooked, warm veggies and small amounts of meat. Think chicken soup – homemade with absolutely no sugar added. Our bodies need all resources available to fight the virus. Since extra energy is required to digest heavy processed foods, or even lots of raw vegetables, it will take resources away from fighting the virus and therefore could prolong the sniffles. Warm cooked foods are easy to digest, which means our bodies can more easily extract the nutrients which strengthen our ability to fight the virus.
  2. Eliminate sugar of any kind. Not forever (unless you want to) – just until you are symptom free. Sugar is known to weaken the immune system significantly.
  3. Drink herbal tea. I love Yogi teas. They make all sorts of herbal blends for colds, immune boosting, throat comfort, etc. I love them plain, but you could add the juice of a fresh lemon or some raw honey for extra flavor and I also add a little Turmeric because of its powerful immune supportive properties.
  4. Rest. Really tune in. I have a strong belief that our bodies send us messages every day – all day to tell us what it needs. When we learn to tune in and listen and respond appropriately, we can work in harmony with ourselves and stay healthy. If you are exhausted – listen to your body and rest! Ask for help with the kids and try not to push yourself too hard. If your body is telling you it needs rest – honor that and do it!

Suggestions for extra support.

If a cold is dragging on for what seems like forever, try:

  1. Acupuncture – an acupuncture session can really give your body the extra push it needs to finally beat that stubborn virus. Even one session in this case can be incredibly effective!
  2. Ayurveda – look up ayurvedic remedies for your cold. This very old and very wise system of health can make a huge difference when the practices are properly applied. If you need help, make an appointment with an Ayurvedic Wellness counselor.
  3. If all else fails – by all means don’t suffer for weeks on end. Go to the doctor!

That’s my 2 cents. I can’t wait to hear your suggestions and your favorite cold remedy! Tell us how you beat your cold below and I’m sure many will thank you!