Joy Olszewski

We are so happy to announce the latest addition to the Well Within team – Joy Olszewski! Joy is adding the practice of infant massage instruction to our growing list of integrated care offerings. Welcome Joy!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Infant development and movement has fascinated me for over a decade. The milestones achieved in the first year of life are astounding. Babies typically learn to hold their head, sit, crawl and walk within one year! As an Internationally Certified Infant Massage Trainer I encourage this natural development with massage. My background in Baby Yoga Instruction allows me to expand infant massage even further with incorporating key midline movements into my programs. Resulting in a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle throughout childhood.

Being a CIMT enables me to teach the healing art of infant massage to parents in the presence of their babies. I am an effective group leader with strong facilitation skills appropriate for promoting interactive learning. As a former business owner of Joyful Nanny Agency, I understand the importance of quality care and support to families.

2. What type of education and training did you receive to prepare you for teaching infant massage?

The realization that touch plays a vital role in the development of infants led me to receiving my Infant Massage Certification in Vancouver, British Columbia with the Liddle Kidz Foundation. After receiving my certification I went on to become a Certified Baby Yoga Trainer, enhancing my newly found infant massage skills. My curiosity in neuroscience and epigenetics sparked the interest of skin-to-skin contact. Kangaroo Care’s Dr. Nils Bergman of South Africa is a profound leader in the field, I have received continuing education through his program. Also, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Massachusetts and hold a Business Certification from Middlesex County College in Edison, NJ.

Currently, I am being trained in NICU massage therapy with Dr. Tiffany Field, Ph.D. of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami. As well as Advanced Pediatric Massage with Tina Allen in Boston, MA. Allowing me to provide massage therapy in a hospital setting to neonates and pediatrics with special healthcare needs.

3. What is the unique experience parents (and babies) will have when they come to see you?

My classes are designed to teach parents massage techniques for the “whole baby”.

Each week parents learn strokes for a new part of the body. Giving both the baby and parent time to become familiar and comfortable with the routine. The group class environment I create is welcoming for parents to interact and thrive. My curriculum also includes relaxed breathing exercises and effective ways to read your baby’s behavioral states and cues.

Parents will receive:

  • Massage stroke hand outs
  • Benefits of infant massage
  • Guidelines of baby oils and lotions

I teach private infant massage instruction at Well Within and also in the convenience of your own home. Strokes and techniques are completely personalized to meet your baby’s specific needs and preferences.

4. What led you to this type of work?

My love for children started when working as a private child-care provider. Over the course of a few years I was fortunate to work with such a diverse and spirited group of families. Including triplets, special needs and adopted (internationally and domestic) children. What I gained was more that I could of imagined. Each child taught me a lesson of tolerance, acceptance, strength and respect. But, most importantly I realized the importance of human touch.

This experience led me to my Infant Massage Teacher Certification. Educating and training parents infant massage is extremely rewarding. Being a CIMT allows me to empower parents to be the provider of massage. It enhances the child/parent bond while promoting extensive health benefits that last a lifetime.

5. Why did you choose to practice at Well Within?

Well Within offers a dynamic seasoned group of professionals focusing on the individual clients mind, body and spirit. They provide awareness and resources to the community while adding value to each other’s work. At Well Within, each health care provider is carefully chosen. Resulting in the highest level of expertise and passion in each session. The practice is truly is an integration of wellness. Well Within is an optimal state and space for my practice.