Practice your power of vibration

One of the best things about the work that we do is that we send people back out into the world better versions of themselves than how they came in.  I don’t say this because I’m assuming that is happening. Our clients tell us all the time about how when they come in for bodywork or acupuncture, they are able to be more patient and kind to those around them – better spouses, better parents, better co-workers.

When you show another person care, attention, kindness and/or compassion there is a vibrational change that happens.  The same is true when someone is grouchy, impatient or unkind. Vibrations are exchanged. You walk around with the power to change another person’s day for the good or the bad and what you give is often what you get back.  

Practice your power of vibration by making eye contact with the check out person at the store….smile….ask them how their day is going in a way that shows you genuinely care to know.  Watch them snap out of their daze and smile back. Watch how the cashier engages with the next person. You’ve changed the vibration. Who knows, maybe it will infect the whole damn store and beyond.  All because of you.

Check out the “dancing doc” to witness one person changing the vibration of others in a big, immediate and totally simple way right before your very eyes.