Perhaps you know someone like this too…

I have a friend – lets call her Sue – who seems the embodiment of Vata dosha. Sue is incredibly creative and fun to be around. Her enthusiasm for life, for nature, and art and music are infectious. She loves change and to move around. Like a hummingbird, she flits from here to there with this amazing capacity to be in the moment and appreciate the small things. Her mind is in constant motion – making connections between people, conversations, nature and events that others might miss. I love being in her presence and watching/listening to the way she thinks – as she is always saying what’s on her mind. She is curious about everything and has a quick wit  – always lightening the mood. Her natural ability in the creative arts is inspiring.

Sue gets teased for being forgetful or “flaky”. And under stress she feels anxious and worried. Its hard for her to keep a regular schedule and she feels boxed in with the mention of structure. This friend needs space to express the beauty of all that she is. As with all things in her life, her eating habits, sleeping habits and her digestion are variable – sometimes good, sometimes not. Her skin tends to get dry and rough and she needs to remember to stay hydrated. Sue has a thin, light frame and needs 3 meals a day – though she might skip meals frequently without realizing it.

For Sue, finding balance as a Vata requires a some discipline around self-care. When she takes time to slow down and practice grounding – she is balanced and unstoppable. Grounding comes in the form of eating a Vata balancing diet, having consistent meal times and sleep times, making time to slow down and listen to soothing music, and look at soothing sites like the beach (Sue’s favorite thing in the world). Sue isn’t a fan of cold, windy weather. Vatas feel their best when they sip on warm tea throughout the day, surround themselves with warm, soothing colors, and use warming spices (but not too spicy) when they cook.

Can you relate? Do you know someone like this? All three of the doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) are within all of us. You should be able to relate to some of the qualities described above, but everyone will have a slightly different proportion of the Vata dosha within them.

Balancing the doshas is the guiding principle of Ayurveda. Once you have an understanding of your unique proportion of the doshas, you’ll be able to cultivate the awareness of when one of them is out of balance. Then you can learn all the different ways to balance your dosha and enjoy great health.