Viparita karani aka “legs on the wall”

My most-favorite-go-to-yoga-pose is viparita karani otherwise known as “legs on the wall” and also aka “inverted lake” pose.  As a bodyworker and a mom I am on my feet a lot and by the end of the day, this pose feels like a necessary yummy, delicious treat.  

Here is how its done.  (Yes we are Adriene’s biggest fans.)

Viparita karani is the mother of all restorative poses that does just that – restores.  The pose stretches the backs of your legs and relieves tired, crampy and maybe even swollen legs and feet.  It sends blood flow to your core which can help improve digestion. It also promotes healthy circulation. It is a very grounding pose and this helps ease stress calm the mind and soothe the heart.  

Consider doing your legs on the wall after you have gotten into your PJs.  Follow the pose with a savasana and a little nighttime meditation and then tuck yourself into bed. Pure (really, really good for you) bliss.