Turn off your screens 2 hours before bed

Have you guys seen that new Screen Time app?  (iPhone friends) Ummmm…..I have been shocked and dismayed to see how much time I am using my phone every day.  The phone isn’t even the only screen I use! My Macbook gets a LOT of love too!

I love all the things I am able to do in this connected world we live in.  I love that I can order and pay for my coffee from my phone before I even get to Starbucks and its sitting on the counter waiting for me with my name on it when I walk in.  I love that I can have a face to face conversation about my day with a faraway relative. I love that I can watch one of my true crime documentaries on my phone when I have some time between clients.  I love that I can add time to my parking meter without having to leave the office. Ok, you get it. I love my phone.

That said, my phone and I need breaks from each other.  This is especially important in the evening. There is research to show that screen time before bed can sabotage your sleep.  Phones, computers, televisions, tablets and other electronic devices give a blue light that can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythms. Data show that this blue light tends to make us more alert at night. That makes it harder to fall asleep get all the rest we need.

Consider turning off all screens 2 hours before you plan to go to bed.  This would be a great block of time to do a little yoga, meditation and maybe some reading (from a BOOK) or some journaling.  This is especially important if you are someone who struggles to get good sleep.

If you HAVE to look at a screen in that 2 hour block before bed (we all do it sometimes), consider trying blue blocker glasses.  These are special glasses that help to block out the blue light that disrupts our internal clock.

Bonus Tip:  Back to that Screen Time app.  Maybe consider making a game out of keeping that number low or decide on a daily max time that you won’t go over.  There are so many amazing, fun, productive things to do in life that don’t involve a screen and if you can find a healthy balance, you will feel happier and healthier.  I promise.