2020 Mind and

Body Detox Program

30 Day Program to Reset and Feel Amazing

What other Detox participants have to say:


“I have had a challenging relationship with food my whole life. I’ve done all the diets, all the programs. When I saw the promo for the detox I was immediately intrigued, but also thought “Here we go again. I cannot spend more money on another diet.” I am SO glad that I did! This was exactly what I needed! By eliminating common allergens I have experienced a disappearance of so many food cravings. I also learned what to do if those cravings reoccur so I can address the underlying cause rather than give in and continue a vicious cycle. I can sense that my body has released inflammation. Knee pain that I’ve been dealing with for months is almost gone. My energy is up and my brain fog has lifted!” – Donna B


“I joined the program because I was not feeling good about myself mentally and physically. I was always tired, had a lack of energy, was not sleeping well, had constant heartburn and felt bloated all the time! I was ready for a change! The program taught me so much, not only about eating healthy, but also about self care. I always took care of everyone else and was last on the list! I always thought it was selfish to put myself first. But that isn’t true. And I feel great!! I’m sleeping better, have more energy, heartburn and bloating are gone, and I lost 10 lbs!! I really enjoyed the program and the support from Maggie,Tina and the other members was awesome!!” – Carol D.


“I decided to join this detox because I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease in 2015 and despite taking a pill each day, I still didn’t feel 100%. This program has really helped me not only identify a few foods that make me feel “icky”, but has helped me look at my lifestyle and make some changes that are already making me feel SO much better. By using this program, I found out I tolerate dairy well and also was able to finally kick my caffeine habit. My stomach is happy again! ~Katie K.


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