Use a Dry Brush Before Showering

This health tip is fun, energizing, and good for your immune health! A great activity to build into a morning routine. For those who don’t know what dry brushing is, here is a thorough article about it from Bayan Botanicals, a great website for information on all things Ayurveda. 

While standing in the shower (to catch the dead skin….bleh, I know), use a natural bristle body brush and gently brush the skin of your entire body with strokes toward the heart. This feels great, is stimulating and energizing – great for a pick me up if you’re someone who has trouble getting the juices flowing in the mornings. Bonus – its good for you too! Dry brushing may stimulate the lymphatic system which supports the immune system and removes toxins. Stimulating the lymphatic system is great for those who have a build up of toxins, or ama – as its called in Ayurveda. Some signs of ama include, sluggishness, constipation, body odor, weakened immunity and brain fog to name a few. 

Dry brushing has benefits for all, but if you are someone who has excess energy (stress, anxiety, overactive thoughts) consider following your dry brushing with an oil massage. A brief self-massage with a good quality oil calms the nervous system and nourishes the skin. You can do all this yourself in just a few minutes before your regular shower. Have fun with this one and enjoy soft skin, and renewed energy!