Integrative Yoga

Integrated Treatment Series

Integrative private yoga focuses on balancing breath with movement practices and heightened body awareness. The benefit of individual yoga is that each session is tailored to meet clients exactly where they are in work, rest and wellness. This attention to detail promotes a deeper sense of how we move, present sensations, where habitual patterns have manifested, accessible anatomical knowledge, playful curiosity and complete relaxation. Each yoga session will build upon the previous session to cultivate calm within and calm without, along with gradual sustained stability and balance for each individual.

One on one Private Yoga session:

30 minutes – $55
60 minutes – $105
75 minutes – $130
90 minutes – $150

Series pricing:
5 60 min sessions: $500
10 60-min sessions: $950
5 75-min sessions: $625
10 75-min sessions: $1200
5 90-min sessions: $725
10 90-min sessions: $1400

Small Group – 2-3 people
75 minutes – $65 per person

Call to book a small group class.

Learn more about our practitioners:

Annie Carter
Jill Testagrossa