Activate inner healing by bringing the body back to balance.
Reiki (“ray key”) is an ancient hands-on healing modality that promotes well-being. Reiki energy, or Life Force energy, is all around and within us. It has various names all over the world, such as “Ki” in Japanese, “Qi” in Chinese, “Prana” in Hinduism, “Pneuma” in Greek and “Ka” in Egyptian (a.k.a “The Force” in Star Wars). Reiki is like the wind; you cannot touch it or see it, but you can feel its healing effects.

During a Reiki treatment, the client rests comfortably, fully-clothed on a massage table while the Reiki practitioner places their hands on the client’s body. Each treatment is unique, but usually progresses from head to foot. The client will experience deep relaxation and may feel pleasant warmth, tingling or cooling sensations under the practitioner’s hands.

Reiki promotes well-being by balancing the mind, body and spirit. Studies have proven Reiki’s effectiveness for stress and anxiety reduction, as well as pain management. Clients can receive Reiki to enhance the positive effects of other modalities. While Reiki is useful for any condition, it is often sought by cancer patients and their loved ones, those healing from injuries, patients both before and after surgery, people experiencing life transitions or emotional instability and others who are physically or emotionally exhausted.

30 minutes: $55
60 minutes: $95
Add 30 minutes of Reiki to a massage session for $45