Well Within was invited to participate in a Social Emergency Response Center (SERC) around climate change. When we were approached to participate, I was totally confused. What does a wellness center have to do with climate change? I really didn’t see the connection.

But then we attended our first meeting. Right away Celeste and I could see how our work would contribute to the wellbeing of anyone concerned about climate change. As we went around and introduced ourselves to the rest of the planning committee, I could immediately feel the concern, fear, and hopelessness surrounding this issue. Our participation began to make more sense.

Holding a local SERC event is awesome. Its taking action and doing something positive and empowering. Its providing a venue for the local community to gather, support one another, and come up with a plan of action. Rather than watching helplessly from afar, we can come together and make a difference working side by side with our neighbors.

What is important to remember – and easy to forget – is that taking care of yourself, physically and mentally – makes a HUGE difference in the part you want to play in making a positive change. So, my question to you is –

What kind of thoughts go through your head when you think about climate change?

How do you FEEL when you think these thoughts?

The answers to these questions are really important and will impact your health and your environment. How can that be?

“What you focus on you create more of.”

Thoughts create emotions, emotions create actions, actions create more of what you focus on. When we focus our thoughts on negative things, it produces stressful emotions: fear, anger, despair, depression, hopelessness. If these emotions are either suppressed or we hold on to them for too long we remain stuck – focusing on (and therefore creating) exactly what we DON’T want to happen. In addition, negative emotions affect both our physiology (body), and our cognitive abilities (mind). Because of the stress hormones released when we experience feelings like sadness or frustration, our cognitive function is often significantly decreased. Making positive change and taking positive action is REALLY hard when our brains are impaired by those chemicals produced by negative emotions.

Shifting our mindset has powerful effects on our lives and on our environment. Using stress reducing techniques like meditation, resonance breathing, affirmations, and being in nature (to name just a few), helps us shift our thoughts to more positive ones. What you focus on you create more of. When we focus on gratitude, for instance, our chemistry changes. The positive emotions elicited from gratitude release chemicals like dopamine, and oxytocin. These chemicals light up the part of the brain responsible for creativity and innovation. THIS is where powerful, inspired action comes from.

We have the power to respond to our world whatever way we choose. It starts with each of us.

Releasing negative emotions to allow space for creative solutions to emerge is the healing that needs to take place.

With practice, and determination, we can make a choice to shift our response to unfavorable events from disempowering thoughts /emotions / actions; to empowering thoughts / emotions / actions.

Celeste and I are so excited to be a part of the SERC in Waltham this Sunday 4/6 from 11 – 4. We hope you join us in making a positive shift in ourselves so we can make a positive shift in our environment. Together we can make anything happen.