fun healthy habitsWhat’s YOUR next step in up-leveling your health?

Whether you are already in a good groove with your health or if you are just starting out with the beginning of the “New Year” (back-to-school) now is as good a time as any to layer in a fun healthy habit that will make you feel even BETTER!!

So… what does that look like for you?
Where will you start? Will it be food related? Exercise?
Building in more down time?
Or maybe its something else entirely!

Whatever it is – make sure you are excited about it! No one wants to add a new health routine that sounds dreadful or difficult – no matter WHAT is promised for results. Instinctively, deep down – you know you are at your best when you are happy. So we recommend deciding on your next step from that place. If you know you’ve enjoyed a healthy habit in the past but you’ve slipped out of the routine – simply decide to add that back in!

Being healthy should feel AWESOME – not like drudgery. Vibrant health is meant to be and feel natural, not like a lot of work that we dread.

I was just listening to a lecture by an M.D. also trained in Ayurveda. She said something that I loved, which was that

“…we CREATE our health – EVERY day.”
That is so empowering!

We wake up to imbalances or encounter them throughout our day – this is constant – so we create health for ourselves by making choices – just one day at a time – to come back to balance and be in health. I believe this can be fun and joyful if we choose fun and joyful healthy habits.

Another note – what is fun for you might totally suck for your friend. That’s OK!!! Stay true to what feels right for YOU. Honoring your SELF cultivates the practice of trusting your instincts. If it sounds like something you LOVE – that’s your instincts giving you the green light! That’s a YES!You can start to CREATE your health and feel incredible – right NOW!

Do what you LOVE.
Be true to YOU – and DO it!!

Be Well,
Laura and Celeste

P.S. Here are our favorite fun healthy habits:

Celeste’s Healthy Habits:
* spending time with my dog in the woods
* meditation
* finding new recipes and cooking healthy meals for my family
* continuing to explore and practice a ketogenic diet

Laura’s Healthy Habits
* yoga
* getting outside
* meditation
* cooking nourishing delicious food