Nurturing and therapeutic touch for women during pregnancy and the postpartum phase is not a new concept- cultural and anthropological studies have demonstrated that massage and movement have been part of the care and health of the childbearing years throughout history. (Read more about Prenatal Massage at Well Within here.) Research has alleviated fears that massage may be dangerous for the pregnant mother, and it has become more and more common for women to incorporate massage into their prenatal care. Here at Well Within we see many women throughout their pregnancies. Some women may come in monthly for “maintenance massage”, while others may come more often to alleviate specific discomforts. During this important prenatal time, many women make self- care their top concern. However, after the baby is born, all to often Massage Therapy becomes a distant memory for the Mom (along with sleep, regular meals, time alone, etc).

The postpartum period, or the Fourth Trimester, is a joyful and busy time. Whether it is a first or fourth child, the new family is very busy getting used to their new normal, and it is understandable that Massage Therapy falls to a lower place on the priority list. However, when I do get to see a postpartum mom, it is always very clear to me that this is perhaps the time when massage is needed the most! Often, the woman’s neck and shoulders are extremely sore from countless hours staring down at their newborn, holding the baby for feedings, bending down to pick up their infant and/or other children. Issues like carpal tunnel or swelling of hands or feet may persist. Lingering low back pain can slow them down from enjoying any free time they might actually have…not to mention the emotional stress of giving birth and bearing the weight of this huge new responsibility…throw on top of all this weeks of sleep deprivation….and yes we have a person who could use a massage!

Acknowledging this as a period in a woman’s life that could benefit greatly from massage, here at Well Within we try to make getting a session as accessible as possible.  We give new moms the option to bring their infants (3 months old and under) along with them to Well Within for office appointments if child care is not possible – this is often not the ideal arrangement as having a wiggly, crying infant can be distracting, but we want to support new moms by offering this option.

Please give us a call or an email with any questions or interest in prenatal, postpartum, or infant massage! We hope we can be of help to you and your family through the joyful and sometimes demanding Fourth Trimester.