Do you ever have one of those awesome days when you feel like you’re “ON FIRE!”? You have tons of energy, ambition, and unstoppable determination. You are ready to take on the world. This is how you know your Pitta dosha is healthy and in balance! I LOVE feeling the energy of Pitta. I feel on top of my game, I believe in myself, and I don’t let stress and fear block my progress.

People with a strong pitta dosha tend to be very organized, motivated, and energetic. They make excellent leaders and are often entrepreneurs / CEOs. If they take care of themselves, their physical health can be excellent because they naturally have an abundance of agni, which is a sanskrit word that translates to “fire”. A strong agni is fundamental to health from an Ayurvedic perspective, because it is responsible for metabolizing food into nutrients, and our experiences into knowledge and wisdom. Agni, when burning strong, gives a healthy glow to skin, burns toxins and pathogens to keep our immune system strong, and allows us to fully experience and RELEASE emotions so they don’t block us from being our best selves.

I have a wonderful friend with a strong Pitta dosha. She is a classic example of someone who is ultra organized, can easily take on big projects and pull them off with perfect execution. She is killing it at work, is super mom at home, and looks radiant all the while. However, like most Pittas, she overdoes it and can burn out. Her stress levels can be overwhelming, and she turns to self-criticism (a classic symptom of pitta imbalance) for not being able to sustain what is really – an unrealistic schedule.

She, like most Pittas, needs to prioritize self care. Pittas are strong willed and push through what most of us would crumble under much sooner. Because they are so driven, their biggest challenge is to SLOW DOWN. And when they don’t – their bodies let them know. Pitta imbalances can manifest as: ulcers, acid reflux / heartburn, skin rashes / acne, anger and frustration, difficulty staying asleep – to name a few.

Vibrant health is achievable for all of us. My gorgeous, kind, generous, and ultra productive Pitta friend is unstoppable when she makes time to take care of herself, and let her incredible greatness shine.

Stress needs to be managed, and it starts with self-care. I want to see YOUR greatness. Is it hidden by stress and taking on too much? You know you have the fire to acheive whatever you want – don’t dim your fire behind stress. Choose YOU. Then you’ll have the energy and the clarity to kick some serious BUTT in this life.

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