Massage for the Child Athlete

Pediatric Massage: Support Your Child Athlete

By: Joy Dua, LMT, CIMT, CPMT

A child who participates in physical activities like swimming, ballet, gymnastics or soccer can receive many benefits from pediatric massage. Although most children can naturally perform sports with ease their bodies may experience muscle tightness, pain, limited range of motion or stress.

Why Pediatric Massage?

Massage for the Child Athlete Research has shown that massage therapy can ease physical discomforts in the body. Studies conducted by the Touch Research Institute of Miami show that massage can alleviate pain, muscle aches and anxiety in pediatric clients. This therapy also provides relaxation, reduction of stress hormones, increased sleep and better focus.

Pediatric Massage vs. Adult Massage

What is the difference between pediatric massage and adult massage? Children’s bodies are constantly developing throughout ages 0-18 years old. School-aged children have less developed soft tissue, muscle and bones than an adult’s body. A pediatric massage session will be slower paced with shorter sessions. The pressure is lighter to accommodate the growing body and draping is more conservative to ensure trust and respect.

With pediatric massage we can help our child athlete reach their fullest potential. We comfort pains, aid in restful sleep, decrease potential injury and help them focus and relax. When choosing a professional, be sure they are a licensed massage therapist trained in pediatric massage.

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