Are you one of those active people who has to be a little careful with some of your favorite activities because of a recurring injury or maybe a sore muscle that keeps resurfacing??

I’m right there with you – and so are many of our clients. We have the best intentions of taking care of ourselves, we go out and do our favorite thing (lifting, yoga, running, hiking, swimming, etc) then we end up in pain. We worry about over-doing-it in case we get really hurt and end up needing more intervention than we want.

SO. Frustrating!!!

The staff at Well Within has worked with thousands of clients over the past 8 years and I can tell you that Massage Therapy is INCREDIBLY helpful for pain relief. Not only does a massage treatment with a great practitioner alleviate pain, but it can increase range of motion and flexibility. All of which up your game in that favorite activity of yours. Yay!

But wait – there’s more…

What if you could get all that but ALSO – retrain your body to move more efficiently, get hurt less, and get stronger all at the same time!?! I’m telling you – we can do this for you!!! 

Want to learn how?

By working with a Movement Specialist between massage visits!

Ok – here’s the scoop:

Our Movement Specialists, all have their own spin on this concept, but they all deliver results that allow your body to learn (or re-learn) how to move in a more functional way, while building strength, and decreasing pain and chance of injury.

Its all about YOU:

When you have your first appointment with our Movement Specialists, your practitioner will look at several things, your posture, the way you walk, the way you do specific movements, where you might feel pain or restriction, etc.

Through these assessments, our practitioners are able to identify the patterns of movement in YOUR body that are not working for you. Then, over a series of treatments, they are able to release restrictions, and re-establish functional movement patterns that are assimilated in the nervous system (which means that what you learn during a session will be remembered at a neurological level).

The result – you get to do your favorite activities with EASE, so that you can go above and beyond the point where you were previously stuck in pain.

TOGETHER, Massage and Movement training are your tickets back to your favorite activities and keeping up that active lifestyle you love.

Remember – our bodies are DESIGNED to heal and repair! When we PARTICIPATE in bringing our bodies back to balance, we are rewarded with feeling AWESOME!