I’m having a moment.

We all have them – those moments of overwhelm that kinda take over your life – sometimes for the whole day, or even longer. Though these moments are less frequent than they used to be, I am no stranger to this mental state. I remember one day in particular…  I was incredibly emotional. I was on the way to work, driving along and I got a lump in my throat – my eyes filled with tears and in the privacy of my car I burst into tears. My emotions were not my own. My logical brain started spinning – where was this coming from? Ok – I didn’t sleep well the night before, I’d been feeling pretty anxious, and I’m pretty sure my period was looming in the days to come. BUT – my logical brain wanted to win this. I’m crying, but I couldn’t figure out why, so I start going through the list: kids – good; husband – good; work – nothing unusual; health – pretty great. So WTH??? Why am I falling apart right now? Despite my attempt to reason with myself, I felt like a hot mess.

I arrive to work and the first person I see is our acupuncturist. With crazy eyes and a high pitched voice I tell him I feel like I’m losing it and that I think I need a treatment. He listens, takes my pulse, nods as if it all makes perfect sense to him. (What?! – since when does “crazy” make sense?!) Then he gets me all comfy on the table – inserts the needles, turns down the lights, and leaves to let me relax with quiet, peaceful, music. As I lay there I can feel my body start to let go of the tension I’ve been holding unknowingly. I can feel a sense of calm wash over me. My energy was shifting, balancing, releasing. I felt safe to just allow my body to reset, and just enjoyed this down-time.

30 – 40 minutes later he reappears and asks how I feel. Boy did I feel great. Totally relaxed, grounded, balanced, controlled. A total 180 from just an hour ago. He looked at me as I sat up and said, “Wow – you look completely different! Your face even looks different!” I will never forget the impact of that treatment on my overall well being. That day, acupuncture was my saving grace.

We all have days like this. There is a lot going on in the world. Our clients are coming in carrying excessive amounts of stress and overwhelm. It is our greatest pleasure and honor to be able to hold a space of respite, of calm, of healing for all who come to Well Within. Though coming in for one of our services periodically will help, giving yourself time to be present and peaceful for just a few minutes EVERY day will help manage the daily stresses in between sessions. Learn to meditate, breathe, and slow down in whatever way works best for you. And when you need some extra help – we’re here for you.