Fall RunnerDid you know that acupuncture is considered preventative medicine? A recent conversation with a co-worker made me realize that the general population probably does not know. Acupuncture is great at shortening the length of a cold/ flu, stopping a headache, or helping repair damaged muscles from overwork or injury; but it is best at PREVENTING such illnesses. The truth is most people should see an acupuncturist regularly to maintain general health. So the question is what does “regularly” mean? Some people, depending on their constitution (general health tendencies), should go as frequently as once per week or as infrequently as 4 times per year (when the seasons change) to keep them balanced and in good health. And when symptoms TEND to flare, you should begin more frequent treatment. For example: If you are prone to seasonal allergies, to ensure that your symptoms are minimal you should start treatment a month or two PRIOR to the season when your symptoms typically arise. If you ALWAYS get a winter cold or the flu, autumn is the best time to begin your regular visits. And if holiday stress usually gets the better of you and you tend to lose sleep or get sick, NOW is the time to start once or twice weekly treatments. Sometimes we forget that prevention is the best medicine. If you have a question as to whether acupuncture is right for you or a loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us.

MichelleMichelle Bellavance, Licensed Acupuncturist