Move your body and energy with desk yoga

Our bodies are designed to MOVE! But with modern technology, many of us earn a living by sitting for long hours in front of a computer, or another sedentary task. When we are stuck in one position regularly, we notice our bodies beginning to stiffen. Not only do we feel it muscularly, or in our joints, but stagnation of our energy, or “qi” in chinese medicine, develops throughout the body in ways we don’t always feel immediately. Some symptoms of stagnation, according to ayurveda, could be: poor digestion, brain fog, lethargy, congestion, or a wet cough. Chinese medicine frequently treats stagnation using herbs or acupuncture – a great choice – and so is getting up and MOVING!

Moving our bodies every day is an important part of keeping our bodies healthy. We all know the benefits of getting our heart rates up. But there is much more that we can do – most of which are easy to build in to your day. Keep your energy flowing with stretching, or another activity, to help all the systems in the body work together better.

If you have a desk job, and can carve out a few minutes to move and stretch – you should consider this throwing on this video: Yoga at Your Desk by Yoga with Adriene. Your body will thank you for these few minutes of stretching and movement. Here are a few more ideas: Gentle stretching with either yoga classes or under the direction of a personal trainer; Going for a walk; Any physical activity that brings you joy: skating, skiing, dancing, swimming, climbing, etc.