Swap out the after work cocktail with alternatives that provide the same sensations

Maybe you like to enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of craft beer at the end of a long work day to relax and unwind.  I do too.

Perhaps, you can also recognize that there are times where one might turn into two and or you are having the post-work stress relieving cocktail on more nights of the week than you aren’t.  I’ll bet you can also recognize that sometimes you can tell that these drinks, ultimately, don’t really make you feel all that great….think low grade hangover on a Tuesday.

While moderate wine consumption (which the USDA defines as one 5 oz. glass daily for women, two for men) has been linked with some positive health outcomes, excessive wine consumption also has its negative effects on your wellness.  In Ayurveda, the standard recommendation is 2-4oz of wine (smaller than the standard.) Any consumption of wine beyond this amount stands to deplete ojas, or the vital life essence present within you.

Often, having a drink is a way of seeking a sensory pleasure.  Consider the sensations you appreciate about, lets say a glass of wine — warming, complex flavors, relaxing.  Is it possible that you could create those same sensations sometimes in other ways? If you were to curl up under a warm blanket with a mug of your favorite tea could you achieve that warm, relaxing, flavorful experience?

With alcohol (and even food), honor its effects, observe your body, and enjoy your nourishment.  Be mindful of your overall energy and feelings of well-being and moderate your choices accordingly.