Meditation Exploration Circle

Monthly Meditation Circles

Next Circle:
April 18th  – Meditation for Relaxation and Sleep
7pm; $19
May 16th – Zen Mom – Meditation for Mothers
7pm; $19


Are you interested in meditation, but feel you are too busy? Or maybe you’ve tried it and think you are “doing it wrong”?

This interactive meditation circle, led by Laura Viale and Veronica Adler, is a great way for beginners to try out different meditation techniques and themes to find what works for YOU in your busy life. Using meditation to promote health and healing doesn’t have to be hard, and can be achieved in a surprisingly wide variety of ways. If you are interested in starting a simple meditation practice to boost your mental and/or physical health, join us and explore how you can find your personal zen at our  monthly Meditation Exploration Circle.

Upcoming Meditation Circle Topics:

April 18th – Meditation for Relaxation and Sleep
* Why your health depends on relaxation
* Body scanning
* Explore Yoga Nidra

May 16th – Zen Mom – Meditation for Mothers
* Disolve Overwhelm
* Guided Imagery
* Honor the Amazing Mom You Are
* Manifest Zen