Music during massage is a very personal thing.  I have clients who love mellow jazz mixes and I have clients who hate. jazz.  Some clients prefer classical, some like classical guitar, some like Hawaiian slack key guitar (yup.)  Really, honestly, truly most people don’t love “massage music” (read: Enya or other new age equivalent)…but some DO.  Some people want no music at all.
Music (or no music) can make or break a massage for some clients so I feel like its worth paying attention to as a therapist.
As a massage therapist who has listened to every type of music there is during my seven years of working with clients (even hip hop for a 12 year old boy I worked with), I don’t care what kind of music plays as long as it is good for the client but also mixes up a bit every now and then.  Pandora Radio can be really good for this purpose but the absolute best is when a client chooses to stick their OWN iPod on the dock.
Awhile back the practitioners at Well Within participated in a music swap.  Everyone who participated made a mix of some of their favorite music to work to and burned a copy for everyone else.  This was fantastic, because at the end I had about six new, full playlists of music to put on my iPod.
My mix consisted of lyrical but mellow tracks.  Among them:
Madeleine Peyroux – J’ai deux amours
The Weepies – World Spins Madly On
The Shins – New Slang
Jaymay – Autumn Fallin’
Badly Drawn Boy – The Shining
Elliot Smith – Between the Bars
Pinback – Loro
Ingrid Michaelson – Keep Breathing
and others…
This mix has gotten lots of compliments from clients such as “you always play the best music”.  Love that.
A massage is about so much more than realigning your pelvis or getting rid of your migraine causing neck and shoulder tension.  Its about more than simply relaxing.  It is about those things but this is a valuable time that you set aside to take the very best care of yourself and it should be just the way you need it to be from the amount of pressure to the temperature in the room and music can be a great way for a session to feel like it really belongs to you.
The next time (or the first time!) you come in I encourage you to let us know what kind of music you want to hear or better yet, bring in your favorite music to relax to on your iPod or CD and we’ll play it for you!
So what is your favorite music to listen to while getting a massage?  We would love to know!
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