Manual Lymph Drainage

Stimulating the immune system through touch.
MLD is a very light modality that addresses the superficial lymphatic system. As these vessels are embedded in the skin, the pressure is only enough to lightly stretch the skin. The stretches are slow and mechanical to aid the absorption of fluid into the lymph vessels.

MLD can be combined with massage therapy or used alone. Dependent on the client and their case, they may start with just 30 minutes of MLD and work up to more so as to not overload the system too quickly. This is especially important in conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome where the client may feel sluggish for 1-2 days post treatment.

Who could benefit from Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)? Everyone can benefit from MLD as it stimulates the immune system. This can help with things such as fighting colds (as long as there is no fever) and detoxing. There are also times when our bodies may not be in optimal health and may not be sufficiently moving the lymph. This is when MLD may help in getting the body back on track.

Conditions that can benefit from MLD are:

Pregnancy (swelling in the legs and feet)
Orthopedic traumas, surgeries, wounds that need healing
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Lyme Disease
Venous Insufficiency
Dermatological Conditions: Acne, Scars, Cellulite, Stretch Marks


MLD Rates:
30 minutes: $55
*60 minute Integrated MLD session: $105
60 minutes: $105
90 minutes: $150
5 60-minute sessions: $500
10 60-minute sessions: $950

*The integrated session includes 30 minutes of therapeutic massage and 30 minutes of MLD in the indicated area.