Visualize vibrant health

Manifest health by spending a few minutes visualizing, or envisioning (as Mindvalley Founder, Vishen Lakhiani, calls it) yourself at the peak of health. When we dedicate a few minutes every day with focused attention on whatever it is we want to achieve, we find ourselves in the process of manifesting.

Examples of professional athletes and successful business executives using these visualization / envisioning techniques are plentiful. Those who use this technique successfully, mentally create a detailed vision of themselves DOING the desired outcome. They imagine this vision in such detail that they include smells, sounds, tastes, textures, colors, sensations, and especially the way it makes them FEEL. Why does this work? According to scientific studies, the brain doesn’t differentiate between a real memory and an imagined (visualized) one. So when we dedicate time to mentally “practice” the outcome we want to acheive, our brains registers it as memory and success feels more like second nature.

So, to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself that you LOVE, visualize it happening for a few minutes every day. Feel yourself in your healthiest body, eating delicious nutritious food, doing your favorite activities with people who love you and support you.

As you hold this in your mind, in as much detail as possible, you begin to generate creative solutions and actions to get you closer and closer to having the healthy happy life you’ve always dreamed of.

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