Written by Veronica Adler, LMT, Reiki, CST

While we cannot gather together as a community at this time, we can certainly gather together in our hearts.  Metta meditation, commonly translated as loving-kindness meditation, is a way to connect with compassion both for others and ourselves.  At this difficult time, cultivating loving-kindness can help us connect with ourselves, our families, and our communities, allowing us to process any emotion we might be experiencing in a loving, healthy capacity.

I believe that metta meditation is particularly suited to times of crisis because that is when we need loving-kindness the most, for both ourselves and our communities.  It is during difficult times that we often experience fear, grief, anger, heartache. Consciously connecting with love, both for ourselves and others, allows us to return a more loving, relaxed internal space. 

Additionally, it is often in times of struggle that we come together as human beings, cultivating a sense of connection with each other across national and geographical borders.  Certainly, the global pandemic allows us to recognize our shared humanity–and vulnerability. In metta meditation, we will consciously connect with the greater world, realizing our connection to all humanity and all living beings.  

In this post, I will guide you through the steps of a simple metta meditation.  

You may also follow along with my guided meditation video here: https://youtu.be/wL3ebs7QGS0

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