Oil Name:  Lavender
Plant Part: Flowers
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Note: Middle notes normally give body to essential oil blends and have a balancing effect. The smells of middle notes are not always immediately evident and may take a couple of minutes to come into their own right and are normally warm and soft fragrances.
Blends With: All Oils

Lavender is sometimes called the “Swiss army knife” of all oils.   It is super versatile and probably the most universally enjoyed aroma of all the oils. It’s the first essential oil I always grab for!  No first aid kit should be without it. It’s not only calming and helpful for stress relief and promoting a better nights sleep, but it is also effective in cases of minor cuts, bruises, skin irritations, and burns. 

Some ideas for using lavender essential oil:

Add 8-10 drops of lavender oil to your epsom salt bath to promote relaxation and muscle recovery.

From Wyndemere Naturals (our favorite oil brand):  Lemon  & Lavender Rug Powder

Homemade Baby Wipes
1 tbsp sweet almond oil or jojoba oil
1 tbsp liquid castille soap
8 drops Lavender essential oil
1 tsp raw apple cider vinegar
1 cup distilled water
Directions:  Add all ingredients to in a large, deep container. Mix well.
Cut one paper towel roll in half. Place cut paper towel roll in container and let the roll soak up the water mixture for a few minutes. Place soaked paper towel roll in baby wipe container. You may need to adjust water mixture depending on the thickness of the paper towel roll.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Keep out of the reach of children and away from eyes. Highly concentrated. Always dilute before use. Avoid if pregnant. Skin and mucous membrane irritant.