Give yourself 7 compliments each day

How do you speak to yourself?? What kind of thoughts do you have about yourself? If you are someone who is self-critical and has a hard time thinking of nice things to say about yourself, this tip is for you. Often it’s much easier to be kind to others than to ourselves in certain ways. So if this sounds like you, read on.

Have you seen the video of the 2 best friends who wrote down all the things they hated about themselves and then read them to each other as if they were directing all the hateful words to their friend? It was really eye opening. It resonated deeply with me and many others because most of us would NEVER say to a loved one the terrible things they say to themselves. Why do we do that?

It’s frustrating when our self-image doesn’t match up to what we think society values as “beautiful”, “likable, or even “acceptable”. I get frustrated (to put it kindly) with my skin. As I mentioned in another blog post, my skin is prone to breakouts. Even though I’m in my mid-40s, I STILL have mild acne. It makes me feel horrible about myself. I feel insecure and ugly and like a failure for not being able to keep my skin free of blemishes. Can you relate? If its not your skin, is it something else about your body image, or your health that makes you feel not-so-great about yourself? Does it frustrate you to the point of saying things like, “I hate my (fill in the blank.)” “Why does my (fill in the blank) have to look like this?” “I hope no one looks at me today so they don’t see how ugly I am.”

Now – pretend someone you love came to you and told you how they feel ugly and insecure about their body in some way. What would you say? Would you be hateful or hurtful to this beautiful person you love? Hell no – you love them! You’d immediately tell them all the things you love about them and you’d support them any way you could! You would treat them with KINDNESS. So the question is…. why don’t we do that for ourselves?

Today is the day we commit to KINDNESS.

Your assignment – look in the mirror and give yourself seven compliments EVERY day. We cannot be our best selves and let the beauty WITHIN us shine if we are not kind to ourselves. We cannot flourish and thrive when there is self-criticism coursing through our bodies. But when we accept and love who we REALLY are, we can be better friends, better partners, better parents, and better humans.

And the MOST important reason to be KIND to yourself is because it will make you HEALTHIER! How can you be your best self when you’re feeling so down about yourself?!? Be KIND. Be happy. Be HEALTHY!

You Got This!