Sounds like an oxymoron right?  ;o)

In my daughter’s kindergarten class they have something called “Open Circle”.  In open circle the class talks about being kind to one another, feelings, embracing the differences between us and more great things.  She will always come home with lots of stories from Open Circle…”Today we talked about body language…look…this is what I look like when I’m angry” *grrrr face*…uh, yeah, I know kid.

Her teacher sends home open circle updates so parents know what kinds of things they are talking about week to week.  I just had to share this weeks open circle update with you:

Open Circle Update #11

Dear Family:

In several recent Open Circle lessons, we talked about what it feels like to be calm and how to get calm when we are upset.  When we are being calm, we are also breathing slowly and calmly.  Sometimes at school and at other places, it is important to get calm when we are feeling upset, anxious, too excited , or out of control.  We learned two calm breathing exercises to help us get calm.  One is called calm breathing:

  • Breathe in slowly and deeply, filling your belly with air like a balloon.
  • Breathe out slowly.

A second calm breathing exercise is called flower breathing:

  • Breathe in through your nose, imagining the fragrance of a sweet-smelling flower.
  • Breathe out with an “ahhhh” sound.

Each person has his/her own way of calming down.  However, when strong feelings and signals in our body tell us that we’re losing control, the first thing to do is to stop and take some calm breaths.

I had to laugh at the serendipity of receiving this open circle update having just sat in on a lecture at the Be Healthy Boston event over the weekend called “Be Your Own Oasis” in which 2 psychologists taught a room full of grown ups diaphragmatic breathing techniques as an approach to managing stress.

5 or 35…its all the same.

Tonight, she and I were butting heads a bit just before bedtime and we both decided to do a little flower/diaphragmatic breathing.  “Ahhhhh”.  Calm.