OMG! Is anyone else feeling super cloudy and sleepy today?!? I have noticed that cloudy rainy days make me feel sluggish and sleepy. I just want to curl up in a blanket and nap all day. These rainy cold cloudy days are filled with Kapha. Kapha is one of the three doshas in Ayurveda. It is a reflection of the elements of earth and water.  

When in balance, Kapha dosha provides balance and stability. Those with a strong Kapha dosha are ultra nurturing, super loyal, grounded, loving, supportive beings. This dosha is known for strength, both emotionally and physically. Kapha is in charge of building structure – so is a strong presence in children and the “growing” phase of one’s lifetime.

When out of balance, Kapha dosha is responsible for feeling too heavy, slow, sleepy, cloudy. The weather affects all the doshas – so on a Kapha weather day, we’ll need to be aware of having too much Kapha and losing our motivation. On cold rainy days we sometimes crave heavy comfort food, which just adds even more Kapha and increases feelings of sluggishness. When the energy of kapha increases so much that it manifests physically, we can experience: weight gain, congestion, sinus pain, fluid retention and/or allergies.

So – what should we do on a cold, rainy day like today? Balance Kapha with opposite qualities!!

What does that mean?

If you are feeling heavy, slow, cold – do the opposite – light, quick, warm. Here are some tips to get your spark back and seize the day!

  • Spice it up! Eat some vibrantly colored spicy food. Eat light foods (lots of veggies), not heavy foods (minimize grains, dairy and meat)
  • Exercise! Do a fast paced work out routine of your choice!
  • Listen to energizing music!
  • Surround yourself with vibrant colors.

Now that you have some ideas to find balance – rainy day blues can be conquered!

Here is a great resource for additional information on balancing Kapha dosha.