Create a Morning Ritual

Morning rituals are the BEST!!! I just love my mornings now that I’ve created a little ritual just for me. The idea behind this tip is to use your mornings to set your INTENTION for the day. Make time for yourself to do just one to three activities that help you start your day off on the best note possible. When you create your morning ritual, be thoughtful. Any time you dedicate to spending on yourself should be free of distraction. Turn off your screens, and focus on what YOU need to have the best day possible. Your ritual should be unique to you and should be a time that you look forward to.

Ok – I know what you’re going to say. “I’m not a morning person! I want my mornings to be filled with beautiful, blissful sleep!” I KNOW, right?!? I was the SAME way!!! Then I tried it out. I got up 15 minutes earlier and made sure I was the first one up in my house. I tried it every day for 3 weeks, and by the end, I loved it so much that I never turned back. I remember my husband saying, “What happened to you? Its like you’re a different person!” I’m pretty sure he meant it in a good way!

One more thought for you, because I believe taking care of yourself by spending time with JUST YOU is fundamental to bulding a healthy lifestyle. If getting up a little earlier is just not where you’re at right now, then break the rules – if you can’t make it your own, then it won’t work. So, maybe carving out some time at the END of your day is where you might need to start. Get into a quiet space, process your day, and set your INTENTION for the following day. Find what works for you, and you’ll start reaping the benefits.

What elements make up a great morning ritual? There are LOTS of recommendations floating around, so pick and choose what sounds like something you’d actually enjoy and see how it feels do them at the start of your day. Here’s some ideas for you!

Robin Sharma has the 20/20/20 ritual:
20 minutes of exercise – get your heartrate up and get your brain primed for productivity
20 minutes of reflection – Robin recommends reviewing annual and quarterly goals to get super clear, and take action.
20 minutes for learning: Read, listen to a podcast, or record your personal lessons from the day before in your journal – WOAH – THAT’s a powerful suggestion!

Other ideas:
Make your bed – (Making your bed in the morning may just be the world’s easiest success habit. It starts a chain reaction of other productive habits throughout the day)
Practice Deep Breathing
Go for a walk

There you have it! Create a wonderful morning, and set your INTENTION to have a fantastic day!