Try 2 or 3 SMALL things until they become habit

A “lifestyle” does not become a “healthy” one in one fell swoop.  It takes YEARS to make a lot of change.  The most effective way to get from where you are to where you want to be is to get there slowly.  When a baby is learning to walk, they don’t just decide “hey, I want to walk now so here I go!”  Instead, they go from scooting to crawling to cruising along furniture to practicing their first steps.  Its a process but each little piece along the way gets them to that end goal and before you know it they are running across the room (whether you like it or not!)

This concept is true of any goal, think about a contractor.  How many smaller projects make up the larger goal of building a house?  When it comes to your health, instead of feeling like you need to “be healthy”, remember that the baby can’t just get up and walk and the house can’t just appear. Along the way, we celebrate each progress mark toward the end goal….”she’s crawling!”….”The drywall is up!”  Like an artist painting a new piece, the joy is in the painting as much as it is in the final product.

Try 2 or 3 healthy habits for awhile until they truly integrate into part of your lifestyle.  Celebrate the process and your progress along the way and enjoy how these new healthy habits are transforming your health….and we know that they will!

Below are all 30 Small Changes for Better Health.  Which 2 or 3 will you start with?

  1. CONNECT:  Meditate 5 minutes a day
  2. INTENTION:  Create a morning ritual
  3. BREATHE:  Pranayama breathing
  4. GENERATE:  Increase life force energy and activate personal power with cat/cow
  5. PURIFY:  Drink a mug of lemon water in the morning
  6. HONOR:  Honor your hunger
  7. STIMULATE: Use a dry brush before showering
  8. CHOOSE: Stress less on your commute with learning
  9. MOVE: Stretch your body and move your energy with desk yoga
  10. QUIET:  Eat a silent, mindful lunch
  11. ENERGIZE: Replace your afternoon coffee with a brisk 15 minute walk
  12. CLARITY:  Pay attention to the clarity of your mind, skin….and pee
  13. GROW:  Purify the air and add life energy to your home and office with plants
  14. KINDNESS: Give yourself 7 compliments each day
  15. ORDER: Reduce stress by clearing your clutter
  16. COURAGE: Spend 30 days on an area where fear is standing in your way
  17. RESILIENCE: East fermented foods to promote gut health
  18. FREEDOM:  Just say NO to overcommitment
  19. MANIFEST:  Visualize vibrant health
  20. CREATE:  Get creative – its good of your health
  21. VIBRATE:  Practice your power of vibration
  22. COLORFUL:  Eat a rainbow.  Vibrant colors = vibrant health
  23. MODERATE: Swap out the after work cocktail with alternatives that provide the same sensations
  24. SYNCHRONIZE: Sync your schedule with nature
  25. UNWIND: Viparita Karani aka “legs on the wall”
  26. UNPLUG: Turn off your screens 2 hours before bed
  27. SOOTHE: Use a weighted blanket to sleep better
  28. REFLECT: Take time at the end of your day for journaling
  29. REST:  Sleep hygiene
  30. INTEGRATE:  Try two or three SMALL things until they become habit