We hear so many people talk about how frustrated they are with their bodies. 

“Why do I always get sick?” 🤧

“I have so many aches and pains!” 😩

We hear you, and it’s ok to be frustrated. It’s hard when we don’t feel our best and its totally natural to bring our attention to what “hurts” rather than what’s not. 

This Thanksgiving, all of us at Well Within want to remind everyone how truly amazing our bodies really are. Especially when we take the time to take care of them. 

Just the simple functions our bodies need to do to be alive (like breathing) are orchestrated in the most complex and mind-blowing way – and we don’t even have to think about it! It just happens! Like magic! ✨

We’ve compiled a list of all the reasons our staff are grateful for their bodies. Take some time to be grateful for yours too! None of us have perfectly functioning bodies, but nonetheless, we ALL have bodies that are rather miraculous if you choose to see it that way.

“I’m grateful to my body for moving easily and without pain.” 

“I am grateful to my body for being strong enough to be active with my family and dog.”

“I’m grateful that my body tells me when I need to rest, when I need to stretch, when I need to push myself and when I need to recover. If I listen to these subtle cues, I feel a lot better in my body each day.”

“I’m grateful to my body for moving me through the world every day, for the lungs that take every breath, for the heart that is always pumping.”

“I am grateful to my body for being so flexible. For the performance and strength, it takes to be a massage therapist, for the grace and power it needs to be a mother and partner, for the endurance it requires to be an active runner and cyclist, all those things in part make me who I am and I am so thankful.”

“I am grateful that my body has the innate intelligence to heal and thrive. It guided me through my own personal healing journey years ago which inspired my transition to a career path that allows me to educate and guide others in optimizing their health. My experience with my body also helped me develop a better sense of shared experience and empathy so my clients truly feel heard and supported.”

What are you grateful to YOUR body for??