Honor your hunger

In life, sometimes we have those Oprah-style ‘a-ha’ moments relating to our health that change forever how we do something we have done so differently leading up to that point.

For me, I had one of these moments when I was working with a health coach.  I expressed to her how I felt like I was forcing myself to eat breakfast each day.  I knew it was touted as “the most important meal of the day” but the problem was that I was just. not. hungry. in the morning.  In fact, I didn’t really get hungry until late morning or even closer to lunchtime!

The health coach said the words that changed my mornings forever:  “If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat.  Eat when you ARE.”

We talk all the time about tuning in to what your body is trying to tell you and using that information to guide your health.  Well for me, it really all came into focus with this suggestion.  Now, I follow my hunger.  Rather than eating something in the morning–that i don’t even want–I wait until true hunger starts and then eat.  Simple.  I still have plenty of energy in the morning before that first meal.

Now that said, this is me honoring MY body.  YOUR body may desperately cry out for something to eat first thing and you should honor that too!  Hunger is a GOOD thing; it shows that the body is ready to digest. Eating when we lack appetite, however, can make us feel heavy and weighted.

Of course, sometimes our bodies “call out” for things that perhaps won’t serve us if we are trying to be vibrantly healthy (hello donuts….i love you.)  Honoring your body also means nourishing it with foods that will help you feel your best.  So tune it, pay attention and practice healthy choices to give your body when that hunger starts to bubble up….and have that donut every now and then because….donuts.