Now that science is finally catching up with validating the connection between the mind and the body, we can have more confidence in the power of mindsets. I’ve done some deep work personally over the last couple of years – uncovering limiting beliefs that have no basis and redesigning my beliefs to up-level my game both personally, professionally and with my health.

I must say, I’ve never felt better and I really want to share some basic mindsets I have with you, because if I can feel this great, I know YOU can TOO!

So, here are the 3 core mindsets that help me tune in, make adjustments and ultimately stay in a groove where I’m healthier than I’ve ever felt before…

Mindset #1 – My Body is DESIGNED to be Healthy

Remember learning about that thing called homeostasis in science class? That’s the condition of balance that EVERY CELL in YOUR BODY is programmed to be in. All the functions of each and every cell has a unified purpose – to be stable, balanced, and in health. Sooooo – it’s logical to adopt the mindset that since your body is made up of cells, that must mean that your body is SUPPOSED to be in a state of health! Scientists figured it out – our bodies intrinsically KNOW how to repair and come back to health. That is the body’s JOB. OUR job? We just have to make sure we’re providing the conditions (eating whole foods, getting solid sleep, exercise, meditation, etc.) in which the cells, and therefore our bodies, can do their job in the most efficient way possible.

One book that made an impact on me, and helped firm this mindset, is New York Times Best Seller- Mind over Medicine – Scientific Proof you Can Heal Yourself by Dr. Lissa Rankin. Dr. Rankin is an M.D. who was determined to find out why spontaneous remission was possible for some people. After 5 years of research she wrote this book and you know what all those patients had in common?? SPOILER ALERT! They believed they could heal. And so they did. Chock full of scientific studies, this book does not disappoint.

#2 My Symptoms Lead Me Back To Balance

I pay very close attention to my symptoms. Over the years I have become very in-tune with how my body feels when its “off” – for me that looks like: acne, headaches, gas and bloating, brain fog, anxiety, sugar cravings or any combination of these. For you it may be a completely different list. It’s good to get to know what that list is for you. Keep a journal. Be aware of what your body is telling you when it needs help (symptoms) and know what it feels like when you feel GREAT – because that’s what you are aiming to maintain. Basically – what I’ve learned through my own experiments is that the combination of being aware, and taking action is all it takes for ANYONE to feel freaking AMAZING.

#3 Vibrant Health is Not a Destination

Once I realized that vibrant health is not a goal to be achieved, all the pressure melted away. I have no idea why I put that pressure on myself – some twisted perfectionist syndrome of some sort, but I don’t think I’m alone here. There is a bit of pressure from our doctors’, our families, society, and especially ourselves, to “be better” and “be healthier”.  But when I shifted my mindset to just coming back to balance – and doing that gently every day with small changes, I soon realized that this whole health thing – is just a daily habit – a simple practice of coming back to balance the best we can and letting our bodies take care of the rest. Vibrant health isn’t a destination or goal that we can arrive at, get a prize and check it off the to do list. It is a LIFESTYLE. Feeling full of energy and strength and passion is available to all of us.

So there are my mindsets – a sneak peak in to my brain and what I think about as I make choices throughout the day.

Ask yourself, what are your mindsets? Do you believe your body can heal? Are you paying attention to what your body is telling you?  Are you approaching your health as a daily practice or are you envisioning an end goal to be achieved? Become aware of your mindset. Is it helping you feel the best you can today and in this moment?