As you are thinking about the new healthy habits you are hoping to adopt in this brand spanking new year, consider checking out the just released book by friend to Well Within – Brett Blumenthal.

From Brett:

Ditch the Resolution for Small Changes

Change, even that which is positive, is difficult: the older we get, the more difficult habits are to break; the more we have done something one way, the more difficult it is to do it another; and, the longer we think a certain way, the harder it is to change our perspective. Yet, we assume that making change should be achievable within a very short period of time.  Unfortunately, the instant gratification we crave is exactly what hinders us from attaining success. The key is to acknowledge and accept that change takes time and requires a longer-term commitment.

If you’re embarking on a resolution for big change in the coming new year, I’d like to propose you take a new approach: trade in the big and lofty change for small, yet meaningful modifications. Over time, you’ll have made many small steps towards the big goal. This approach is more successful for the following reasons:

1)   One Big Goal = Many Small Steps. Every big goal, such as weight loss, requires many smaller actions, such as cutting out bad foods, exercising, and eating healthy foods. Breaking a big goal into smaller components makes the process more manageable.

2)   Extremes Don’t Work: Overhauling our life, or more simply put – going from all to nothing, or vice a verse – causes burn out. Taking a step-by-step approach, however, makes change seem less overwhelming.

3)   It Feeds Our Need to Succeed: Attempting to do everything at once, but ignoring each small step we take along the way, doesn’t give us a sense of accomplishment. Allowing ourselves to master small adjustments, gives us an opportunity to feel successful, and the motivation to forge ahead towards the bigger goal.

In my book, 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You, I provide readers with a roadmap to make small modifications to their lifestyle on a weekly basis, so that at the end of one year, they feel happier and healthier due to the weekly accumulated effects. I stress that it is important to be holistic in one’s approach, focusing on physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and the health of your personal environment, as all are instrumental in creating a healthy and happy lifestyle.”

You can order 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You HERE as well as Brett’s second book 52 Small Changes for the Mind:  Improve Memory – Minimize Stress – Increase Productivity – Boost Happiness HERE and start making small changes this week, the first of 52!