Purify the air and add life energy to your home or office with plants

I need life around me.  LOTS of life. I am one of those weird people who gets energized by connection…you know, an extrovert.  🙄 I’m sure it is a big part of the reason I became a bodyworker.

At home, in addition to my husband and 2 kids, I enjoy a HUGE goldendoodle, handsome Russian blue cat and two (was three…RIP) 5 year old fish.  Life…lots of it.

Maybe you also like to surround yourself with life but a little less heavy handed on the talking, barking, farting kind…..maybe YOU energize by some alone time….hi introvert!

You and I BOTH, can add abundant life energy to our homes with plants!

Studies have shown that interacting (caring for) indoor plants can reduce stress and lower blood pressure and that plants promote comfortable and soothed feelings.  Plants are also known to increase mood and productivity and enhance concentration and memory.  LIFE energy activate!

Houseplants are also really effective air purifiers that can clean cancer-causing volatile organic compound like formaldehyde and benzene common in average home building materials, furniture and more from the air.

Some of the best plants for air purification:

Peace Lily
Rubber Plant
Boston Fern
Parlor Palm
Spider Plant
Devil’s Ivy

I love this set that comes with 4 of the plants above!  Like a clean air starter kit!