Generate Energy from Within with Cat/Cow

One of my favorite yoga movements, and one that I often recommend to my clients who have discomfort and stiffness in their backs, is cat/cow. Here is a simple instructional video on how to safely and mindfully do this pose. We think cat/cow is a great healthy habit anyone can do daily to generate strength and energy from within.

Cat/cow gently brings your attention to your spine as you move slowly in flexion and extension. Repeating this motion carefully, allows the joints of the spine to gradually gain more range of motion. It stretches and strengthens the muscles of both the back and core. After just a few minutes of this simple movement back and forth, while incorporating deep, synchronized breathing, your body is filled with healthy energy – called prana. Prana is a sanskrit word used in ayurveda and yoga. It means life force energy, and breath. Prana is present in all living things and yoga and the breath help to move prana throughout the body, filling it with health and vitality.

The chakra that is activated in this exercise is the third chakra, located in the solar plexus, called Manipura in Sanskrit. This is the source of your personal power.