Functional Movement Training


Functional Movement Training helps reduce pain and dysfunction while building strength and range of motion. If an area is hurting you, we will work together to discover why your body is not moving optimally. The many moving parts of your body are actually intimately connected – if one part of your body isn’t participating well, other parts will have to work harder. This can cause pain, discomfort, or you may feel like something is stuck or blocked.

When you work with Anita Luck, our Functional Movement Specialist, she will first assess and identify your specific patterns of movement and determine which of your unique movements are supporting you and which movements can be improved upon for optimal functionality. There are no right or wrong ways of moving, no scores or tests to pass or fail.

What can I expect from a Functional Movement Training Session?
While a traditional fitness/personal training session is great for building strength, Functional Movement Training is different. It is based on more natural movements and builds strength and coordination using these natural movements. This allows you to more quickly and completely integrate your new found strength into your everyday movements. Isolating just one muscle group, like in traditional training, often doesn’t carry over into other movements. Functional Movement Training will restore pain-free movement, revive or instill a love of moving, and lead to a resilient body that is less prone to injury.

Who can benefit from Functional Movement Training?

People who have pain in daily activities like walking and bending or while participating in general fitness and sports activities.
Post rehab – there is usually more mobility and ability to be gained.
Postpartum – a woman should carefully build up strength in the pelvic floor after pregnancy with appropriate exercise.
Pelvic floor issues – there are many parts of the body that affect the pelvic floor.
Scoliosis – teenagers can often lessen the scoliotic curves, others may find pain relief.
Fitness and sport enthusiasts who want to improve generally or a specific movement.
Anyone who wants to get more fun movement into their lives.

$105 – 1hr session

Series Rates:
$285 – Introductory Offer: series of 3
$500 – series of 5 sessions
$950 – series of 10 sessions

Learn about our practitioner:
Antia Luck is not only a certified AFS (Applied Functional Science®) Movement Specialist, but she has furthered her training/education to be a Fellow of Applied Functional Science.