Just say NO to overcommitment

I’ve always been someone who can and does take on a lot.  Work, family, social stuff, community stuff. Maybe you are the type of person who can relate or maybe you are someone who finds it really hard to make a ton of commitments.  Both of us can benefit from finding opportunities to say no. We don’t have to do…all….the….things.

Over the holidays a friend of mine posted an adorable but totally regular (non-photo shoot) picture of her family with the following comment:  “I’ve decided to not stress over holiday cards this year. So Happy Holidays to all and enjoy this wonderful season 💕💕”  The comments to her post included friends expressing their desire to also ditch the responsibility of creating and sending holiday cards.  My friend commented and said:  “i’m learning the art of saying no and it’s pretty damn glorious! Merry Christmas to you guys!”

I admit, I felt a little jealous….and inspired.  Would it REALLY matter if I didn’t do this one thing that I put pressure on myself to do every year.  Of course the answer is no. I could feel through my friends post the sense of freedom she got from saying no to this one thing.

So what’s the tip?  Practice the art of saying no.  Take a look at the list of expectations you put on yourself and ask yourself which things you could NOT do and everyone would still be okay.  Chances are, there is a lot you could trim. This could reduce your stress and open up time to do other things you actually DO want to do.

Try it!  Just say NO.