Food Sensitivity Workshops

Workshops will be held monthly.  Next workshop:
Thursday, March 15th, 7pm
$39.00 per person. * +Lab fees (optional)*


Spinach is healthy for everyone right? Wrong! Despite having lots of great phytonutrients and health benefits, even the healthiest foods can actually be detrimental to your body if you have a food sensitivity.

Any food can trigger an inflammatory response if you are sensitive. What makes food sensitivities more difficult to identify than an allergy is that symptoms may be delayed for many hours after ingestion. These can range anywhere from gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, pain, achyness, headaches, migraines, acne, brain fog, and mood swings. That said, some people with food sensitivities have no noticeable symptoms.

Taking some over the counter anti-gas medication isn’t the solution to your discomfort. Regularly consuming foods that you are sensitive to has significant impacts to the gut. Overtime this can result in impaired immunity, poor absorption of food, malnutrition despite eating well, an increased number of sensitivities, leaky gut, bacteria and pathogen over growths, and liver congestion. There is also a strong correlation between consuming food sensitivities and a long list of serious illnesses, mood disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

But, there is no need to worry! Identifying and avoiding your personal sensitivities can avoid all of these symptoms and negative effects. Food sensitivity testing detects foods and food chemicals that cause non-allergic immune and inflammatory responses.

* Before this workshop, you have the option of running a Mediator Release Test (MRT) to help pinpoint your individual sensitivities to 170 foods and food chemicals. The MRT lab test is ordered by Maggie, and the lab fee, typically around $335, is the responsibility of the participant, paid directly to the lab. The 60 minute workshop, with Maggie Dion, outlines the difference between allergies and food sensitivities, how to interpret the results of your MRT test, and the steps you can take so you can tolerate these foods in the future.

Sign up TODAY as space is limited for the food sensitivity workshop!