Replace your afternoon coffee with a brisk 15 minute walk

Ok, I know on (PURIFY:  Drink lemon water in the morning) I promised I wasn’t coming for your coffee and I swear I’m still not!


Would you be open to the possibility of maybe, perhaps considering swapping out your afternoon pick-me-up-coffee with something that I promise will give you an even bigger boost of energy?  Don’t worry, its ok to say HELL NO.

However, hear me out.  What if you TRIED (lets say for a week to start) to swap out that afternoon Joe with a short but brisk 15-20 minute walk?

We all know about the long term benefits of walking (like how a 20 minute walk a day can reduce your risk of premature death by up to a THIRD.)  It’s good for your muscles and your cardiovascular system.  We know all this.

In the short term though, these little walks replenish your energy almost as if by magic.  This energy seems to last much longer than the afternoon coffee too (no crashing!) Not only will a good walk boost your energy, it can totally turn your mood around.  If you are grumpy, pound the pavement–walking releases endorphins which are our natural “happy drug.” If you are down, connect with nature, get grounded and you may just feel lifted up.  Stressed? Unlike coffee, a brisk walk has the unique ability to stimulate AND relax. Also, taking the time to go for a walk could put some physical and mental distance between you and whatever is stressing you out.  Something about that fresh air in your lungs and sun on your face (hopefully!) can transform a rocky day into smooth sailing (or maybe just less fucks given.) Try it!

Bonus tip:  A friend of mine recently signed up to be a dog walker (on a site where she can pick and choose available requested walks) and she walks dogs on her lunch break from her ‘real’ job.  This means not only does she get ALLLL those benefits from the afternoon walk but she also gets paid.  This is like some kind of brilliant life hack, right?