I just wanted to share some real comments I’ve heard from my clients recently….

My massage appointments are in my calendar as ‘shoulder appointment’ because I don’t want my husband knowing how much I am getting massage for this.” – Well Within client getting significant relief of chronic shoulder pain by coming for one massage appointment every 6 weeks.

I told my boss I had a doctor’s appointment.” –  client coming for regular massage to address low back pain caused from sitting for long hours at work.

What the heck is that about?!

We all know that self-care therapies like massage, acupuncture and even yoga classes are effective. Yet, often they are seen as ‘nice to have’ instead of ‘need to have’.  Why?

Are you telling yourself the story that self-care is selfish?

The trouble is that we talk so much about “deserving” self-care, that we implicitly develop the belief that we have to “earn” it.  

Perhaps at some point in your life, someone made you feel guilty for spending money frivolously.  I am here to tell you that if you have discretionary income, there is nothing frivolous about spending it on your health.  It is so much more expensive (and miserable) in the long run to not. Paying for a doctor visit sucks, but missing work and friends because you’re really sick or in pain sucks even more.

As a bodyworker, if I am sick, I can’t work. If I am injured or in pain, I can’t work.  Early in my career, I quickly learned that if I don’t prioritize self-care, It’s going to cost me…big time. Effectively taking care of myself means an investment in both time (meditation, exercise, preparing meals at home) as well as the financial cost of talking it out with my therapist, seeing my acupuncturist when my hormones feel wonky or buying organic produce or local meats to nourish my body. For me, self-care isn’t a reward, it is a responsibility and putting health at the top of my list is not something I am ashamed of.  (Of course, like everyone, I am also a work in progress.)

You DO ‘deserve’ self-care. Not because you have earned it but because you are a hard-working, giving, fun, friend, parent, co-worker, (and so much more) that will be able to do all the incredible things you do even better, and with more vibrancy, when you make your health a priority. You ARE worth it.

As always, we care about you and your health and we are here to support you.

Regular massage is worth the cost to me because I see therapeutic massage as a healthcare necessity, not as a luxury or “pampering” activity. It helps me with TMJ and physical manifestations of anxiety such as chronic muscle tension. Without regular massage appointments, I would experience pain and discomfort every day. Massage helps me routinely alleviate my symptoms, and I feel that it’s very important to invest in and prioritize my health in this way.” — Lauren G., Well Within client