Get creative!  Its good for your health.

Carve out some time to be creative every day! It’s good for your health!

Creativity is good for your health! Why? Whether its coloring, dancing, writing, music, painting, crafting, building, cooking – if you are in the mental state of creation, you are in “flow” and your brain and body love it! Similar to a meditative state, when we get fully absorbed in the act of creating, our minds become focused and our body is able to turn off the stress response. When that happens, our bodies know just what to do to start working in synch. Our digestion, immune system, heart rate and more start to improve. Homeostasis returns, which activates healing and repair mechanisms. Many studies have shown numeous health benefits of doing something creative.

I used to think that spending time on something creative was a “waste of time”. I could barely keep up with work, household, kids schedules, etc. Even if I DID find myself with a few extra minutes, I thought I needed to spend it “working” or “cleaning”. I didn’t really think I deserved to spend my time on ME when I had so many other things I was responsible for. But that was a self-limiting belief and that line of thinking is simply not good for us. How can we really take care of anyone else if we can’t take care of ourselves?

Plus – being creative is FUN! We are simply healthier and our bodies function better when we are having fun! I always feel better after dancing, or coloring, or making a fun craft. In a nutshell, I’ve learned to make time for myself, and I find that I feel healthier for it. AND I have plenty of time for all the things I never used to because I was too overwhelmed and tired. So, if you are yearning for time to be creative (or even if its not on your radar) find something that you’ll enjoy and start creating again! It will change your whole outlook and your whole chemistry.