Commit to spending 30 days on one area where fear is standing in your way

Commit to spending 30 days working on one thing that you are fearful of that is standing in the way of you being your best self.

Sometimes making changes, (even if they are small, and even if we know the change is good for us), can be hard. Habits can be hard to break and can be hard to establish. Today we want to remind you to have COURAGE to keep doing what’s good for you no matter how hard it is at first.

Instinctual wellness is all about following your instincts, and trusting that taking the next step toward health is going to payoff. But what if you don’t WANT to? What if it sounds too hard? What if you’re not sure if the guidance that’s coming to you is really your instincts or something else – something that might be wrong. What if you’re not good at it? What if people judge you for taking that step or doing that thing in that way? There will always be doubt and questioning. But the real question is: “Do you have the COURAGE to take action anyway?”

I used to avoid taking risks. I’m still very uncomfortable even thinking about taking a risk, but once I got my health on track, and started feeling like my energy was back, a part of me was ready to start putting myself out there. Maybe I could help someone with all this knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated about living a healthy lifestyle? I made a life out of avoiding putting myself out there, but then I found myself in the scariest place I could ever imagine – a public speaking course. I asked myself many times what the heck was I doing there. My heart would pound, my mind would go blank. But I wanted to keep trying anyway. I’m still not very good at it. I’m not jumping to make any presentations very often, but I had the courage to follow my curiosity and do something bigger. When we take care of ourselves, we get inspired to give back. It’s really hard to do your best and live your passion when you don’t feel energetic, strong and happy. Have the courage to take care of yourself AND to get out there and be your best self!

So what are you being guided to do? What is that change you keep thinking about making, but you’re hesitating to take action on it? Or have you started making a change but you’re considering giving up? What separates those who succeed and those who don’t is the courage to keep going even when it gets hard. We believe in you and we know you have the courage to keep going.

You are worth it. You have what it takes. Have COURAGE and Vibrant Health is YOURS.