Core Movement Integration

Using Principles of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, Core Movement Integration (CMI) is a comprehensive, mindful system of movement education. An exercise system using movement sequences that tap into your natural way of moving, connecting from foot to head through your core, allowing re-training at a neurological level! With any CMI session you can expect some hands-on techniques to release restrictions, guide movement, and enhance body awareness & coordination. Moving more efficiently decreases pain, increases strength, flexibility and improves posture; all contributing to joint health!  CMI helps maintain and “regenerate” the body through improving functional movements of every day life.

Understanding the three words of its name is the first step in understanding what CMI is and what learning it can do for you.

Your body’s core, its physical and energy center, is located in your lower abdomen. In Core Movement Integration (CMI) you learn how movement and energy flow through this point to balance your body enabling you to remain upright with little effort. This dynamic core stabilization is the first principle of CMI.

In CMI you learn 6 Pathways of sequential movement, each spanning the body from feet to head. The Pathways map out “routes” of movement that allow your joints and muscles to move easily and freely while encouraging your body to lengthen. You can use these Pathways for all activities: daily tasks, sitting, walking, aerobic and strengthening exercises and sports. The 6 Movement Pathways form the second principle of CMI.

To be efficient, movement must flow from one part of the body to its neighboring part without encountering blocks along the way. When the brain and body can connect movement in this way, stress and effort are reduced. This integrated way of functioning is the third principle of CMI.

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