Meditate for 5 Minutes a Day

Connection to ourselves leads to better health and we think this is the perfect place to start. How will you cultivate the connection between your mind and your body? The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is be intimtately connected with your body. When we live from a place of DISconnect we are less likely to make choices that nurture our minds and bodies, and more likely to make choices that are convenient and easy. So for today, we are focusing on connection, awareness, tuning in and simply noticing what that feels like.

Spending 5 minutes (or more) a day in meditation is a great starting place to begin to cultivate that vital connection between our mind, body, and spirit. Meditation is a tool to start living in synch with the way we are designed to live. I once read an article that talked about the idea of being so connected with our bodies and our health that every desire, craving, or impulse was in the best interest of keeping the body healthy. Many of us, myself included, have experienced a big disconnect over time. For me, that looked like sugar cravings, staying up late, not exercising, etc. I did what I wanted, but what I wanted was not working for my health. I was not synched up. I was disconnected. I still have a way to go to be so fully in synch that what I want and what I need are one and the same, but I’ve come far enough on this journey to health that I’ve experienced the benefits of choosing health over unhealthy cravings. The more I choose health, the more I WANT more of THAT – feeling alive, energetic, strong. Staying connected with a practice of daily meditation has helped me tremendously.

So, are you willing to try it out? 5 minutes of meditation for health is a small commitment, but could be the small change that will foster a lifetime of learning to connect with what your body really needs to feel vibrant health.