Coming Clean: KetoFor the past six months, I (Celeste) have been following a Ketogenic diet (high fat/moderate protein/low carbohydrate.)  Honestly, I have felt apprehensive about sharing that with the Well Within masses.  Of course some of my regular clients know.  I’ve lost some weight (almost 30 pounds) and that can lead to questions like “What are you doing?” so I’ve had some great conversations with some clients about the way of eating and why I like it.  Its been a game changer for me and not just because I’ve lost weight.  In the past half a year, I have seen some major shifts in my energy, mental clarity, mood, digestion and more.

So why the apprehension in sharing Celeste??

Well, when you work in our industry there are many trends that come and go….particularly around food.  There can  also be a lot of judgement around anything that is ‘trendy’ or that someone else might perceive as a ‘quick fix’ versus a ‘way of life’.  I attended a wellness summit earlier in the year and there was a panel on “Demystifying Trends in Healthy Eating” where they covered things like Keto, gluten-free, FODMAPS, AIP, clean eating, paleo, Whole30.  Just when I was just a couple weeks into starting Keto and was beginning to hit a stride with it, here was a panel of ‘experts’ to say that Keto was just a trend, was not realistically sustainable and I should just just eat ‘real food’.  I was a little gutted.

Despite feeling now a little ashamed of jumping on an eating trend bandwagon (I should know better as a wellness leader, right?), I had to get real with myself–I was feeling amazing.  We talk all the time about tuning in to what your body is telling you and following your gut.  My body was telling me to keep going.

Keto has actually given me a new tool to communicate with my body.  The first time I made the decision to eat something “off” Keto was on a camping trip in July.  We made a day trip from our campsite to The Lobster Hut in Plymouth, Ma and my husband (who is also following Keto) and I made the decision to split a “Fisherman’s Platter”–a massive pile of fried seafood with FRENCH FRIES and BEER.  By this time, I was almost 3 months into Keto and hadn’t had anything like this for a good chunk of time.  You would think it would taste amazing….it didn’t….and my body was speaking loudly to me after.  It was saying “PLEASE DON’T DO THAT AGAIN.”

I recently checked in with my doctor to let her know I have been eating this way.  She ran a panel of blood work to check my lipids/cholesterol/electrolytes and all were in the range of normal.  She supported me continuing to do what was clearly working for my body.  Will I do this forever?  I have no idea.  For now, I am listening to my body and enjoying a clear, up-leveled state of health….no shame.

Got questions?  Shoot me an email.  I would love to chat about Keto anytime!  I’ve collected a lot of great resources over the past 6 months that I would be happy to share.  Not selling anything here!  Just sharing something that has been working for me.