Tip #22 – Eat a rainbow!  Vibrant color = vibrant health!

This is one of my favorite health tips! I find it fascinating that eating beautiful colors, that are pleasing to the eye, are also beneficial for our health. I like maximizing the nutrition in every bite I take. The most nutrient dense foods just happen to be the deepest and most vibrant in color. How amazing!

Here’s how to arrange your plate to get the most (nutrition) out of your meals: You want 75% of your plate to be brightly colored, lightly cooked (to make it easier on your digestive system to extract nutrients) vegetables and fruits. Each color has different nutrients, so the more colors you add, the bigger the variety of vitamins and minerals you’re getting in that delicious meal. AND – more colors also equal more flavors! Delicious fresh flavors are good for the body and the mind (and the mouth). The other 25% of your plate can be whole grains and, (if you eat meat), responsibly raised meat. Don’t forget healthy fats at every meal too!

We know how confusing the recommendations on food and eating can be. I know first hand how frustrating a sensitive digestive system can be. Eating a rainbow every day is a simple, basic recommendation based on solid data. However, if you struggle with digestion or are frustrated with contradiction information about nutrition, we can help. Our Functional Nutritionist is an incredible resource and has excellent results helping people just like you. Book a Nutrition Discovery Session to find out how she can help.